FINAL Event at BMW

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Kick off meeting!

The virtual kickoff meeting of the H2020 Marie Sklowska Curie project ECO DRIVE took place on March 23, 2020, which is coordinated by the LMSD, Noise & Vibration Research Group.

Second technical training and GA meeting

All ESRs have gathered this week at Lyon to attend a training session on “Signal processing and angular modelling for rotating machinery”. The course was held and hosted at INSA Lyon. After the two day course, supervisors and beneficiaries joined for the general assembly meeting. Each ESR had the opportunity to present his/her work in front of the consortium in order to get general comments, an discussion and the collaboration ongoing. We as the ESRs want to take the chance to thank the colleagues at INSA for organizing this event it was a pleasure to follow.

ECODrive Public workshop

The ECODrive fellows as well as beneficiaries and interested industrial partners have gathered last week at Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, Italy for a public workshop. The main idea was to present the work of the individual researchers in an industrial context and hence leverage potential cooperation between the ESRs and industry. Besides the ESRs also senior scientific staff from the individual institutions presented their insights on a variety of topics. The industrial event was accompanied by two speeches of UNIVPM staff on the ascending startup region Marche as well as on the role of patents in academia.

IPEK, KIT is hosting the 7th technical workshop at their side in Karlsruhe Germany

About Us

ECO DRIVE is formed by 9 beneficiaries combining leading education institutes, top research institutions and leading companies as well as 3 partner organisations established in European automotive R&D.

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Project Objectives

ECO DRIVE will support the early-stage researchers (ESRs) as they explore innovative approaches to the testing and simulation of eco-powertrains and as they build their knowledge and develop a passion for tackling the ecological and engineering challenges of the future.

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ESRs & Workpackages

ECO DRIVE is divided into 2 work-packages which is conducted by 13 ESRs.

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By Julian | March 18, 2024

Last week, the fellows, supervisors, and coordinators gathered in Munich for the final ECODRIVE event. The fellows took the opportunity to present their work to a public and industrial audience.  The interesting results that emerged from the ESRs’ work over the last three years fascinated the audience, and the ECO-DRIVE effect, once predicted by the…

ECO DRIVE Public Workshop – Munich

By Julian | March 15, 2024

About ECO DRIVE Over the next 30 years, as we shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs), downsized IC (Internal Combustion) engines and hybrids with eco-powertrains will be central to the automotive sector. ECO DRIVE develops new for the testing and simulation of eco-powertrains, addressing the complex challenges related to combustion noise, the irritating sound from electric motors,…

7th technical workshop

By Julian | October 13, 2023

This week IPEK, KIT is hosting the 7th technical workshop at their side in Karlsruhe Germany. This workshop gave occasion for technical details, networking and interesting discussions during the scientific skills training and project meeting within the H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie ECODRIVE. The technical workshop covered IPEK X-in-the loop, Workshop Virtual Pass by Measurement, Acoustic Camera…